The Lien Foundation is a Singapore philanthropic house noted for its model of radical philanthropy. It breaks new ground by investing in innovative solutions, convening strategic partnerships and catalysing action on social and environmental challenges. The Foundation seeks to foster exemplary early childhood education, excellence in eldercare and effective environmental sustainability in water and sanitation.

In its mission to advance eldercare, the Foundation advocates better care of the dying. One of its flagship programmes, the Life Before Death initiative, was first conceived in 2006 to create greater public awareness about end-of-life issues in Singapore. It sought to de-stigmatise death and dying by spurring various die-logues with the use of social media, art, films and photography and advocacy though research. Creative projects such as the Happy Coffins, The Last Outfit, Obitcheery, BOTH SIDES, NOW and "Die Die Must Say" getai got people to confront their own mortality in unconventional ways.

The initiative has since gone beyond Singapore. In 2010, the Foundation commissioned the first-ever global Quality of Death index ranking 40 countries on their provision of end-of-life care. In 2013, the Foundation launched the inaugural international Design for Death competition that presented innovations in deathcare for the future.


The Ang Chin Moh Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization. The Foundation aims at enhancing perceptions of death and bereavement among the public, uplift the deathcare profession with education and training and advance philanthropy in this area. The Ang Chin Moh Foundation will also champion and preserve the heritage of funeral and bereavement services in Singapore.

Joint Projects between Lien Foundation And Ang Chin Moh Foundation
Since 2013, the Lien Foundation and Ang Chin Moh Foundation have collaborated on four creative projects, including BOTH SIDES, NOW in 2013, to encourage people to view the end-of-life in a different light.